I made a 'smarter' Lipo alarm for my Taranis which I like to share with the world. I fly with 1300, 1500 and 1550 mAh lipo's on my 5" quads and would like to use the mAh used value to determine if I have to land my quad. When using lipo's with different capacity have it set to one value, isn't what I wanted and looking at the value in the OSD is way to distracting for me. So I tried to do it with logical switches and special functions. I think it can also be done with Raceflight One and Kiss setups. I will also make instructions how to do it with KissFC and ESCs.

Hardware and Software used

  • Taranis 9XD Plus with OpenTX 2.2.1 (Older versions should also work) Link
  • Working Betaflight Telemetry
  • Working Betaflight Current Sensor or ESC Telemetry Working for Current sensing
  • Free 3 position switch
  • The OpenTX Joanna soundpack Link

First create Logical Switches using the buttons on your Taranis. I'm using switch SE to set the alarm value of the lipo size.

Logical Switch Switch Position Lipo Size Alarm Value
L21 Up 1300 900
L22 Middle 1500 1100
L23 Down 1550 1150

Next create the Special Functions using the buttons of the Taranis.I have mine setup to play the value of the Fuel used send by the flight controller when it reaches the alarm value, you also let is play anything you want. I also made my Taranis say the selected lipo size for the alarm using SF17 through SF20 so it reminds me to correct it if needed.

Spec. Func. Switch Action What
SF14 L21 Play Value Fuel
SF15 L22 Play Value Fuel
SF16 L23 Play Value Fuel
SF17 SE Up Play Track 1300
SF18 SE Up Play Track 4cell
SF19 SE Mid Play Track 1500
SF20 SE Mid Play Track 4cell

This can also be done to Kiss, check this page for information about setting it up using Kiss.

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